2017年04月08日 潮吹女自述 暂无评论 阅读 0 次

If we are in love, I want to tell you a word, "don't take it from the wrong person". Because I have experienced this kind of thing, so, I decided to start today, officially accept your love.
Thank you for always loving me, but I never put them as a kind of love in my heart. Therefore, I finally realized that the past is only the past, from the individual to the shame of the past as a treasure treasure heart, I decided to officially start from another "start"". How many times have I missed my true love for being stupid, and now I'm so sorry to know that today, I know from all the feelings that I have been wrong, that the love I have received has been hated, and who is willing to do so?
My friend is right, he said, "you should cherish is an emotional, rather than an old man", and I was aware of this, from the wrong thing to do too much, it's time to turn back.
Looking back, in fact, only to see the true meaning of beauty...