错失百千次 情也觉未散 快来吻我吧☆╮

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The pain is still not used to also feel hundreds of thousands of times
The original fragment has gone
Hidden in my heart is not short
Love is still strong after the dream faded
Miss 100 time also feel not scattered
Today backlog of love has not reduced
I can't take my mind
Who makes me hate hate
Can you hold me tight and kiss me again
Can't break away from me, I'll be lonely for you
Hold me close and kiss me again
No more to leave alone tonight

痛过百千次 仍也觉未惯
当初的片段 已去未返
藏在我心里 更非短暂
情仍浓 梦经渐淡
错失百千次 情也觉未散
今日积压着 爱意未减
无法我心里 带点空泛
可否再三抱紧我臂弯 再就去吻我吧
可否不再脱离我愿孤单 来换你伴一晚
此时再三抱紧我臂弯 再吻我吧
此时不再脱离要让孤单 埋藏于今晚