亲爱的,我想去吻你 就去吻今日美文

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I don't know why I always feel a little boring, plain lack of enthusiasm and vigor, the fuss and pettiness of day that we struggle to deal with those beautiful, warm picture is stored in my memory, my dear, we have no time to hug, how long no affectionate kiss? An old couple should not be a reason to stay away from romance and warmth, my dear, I want to kiss you! A deep kiss, so I really feel that we have a meaningful day. Dear, I want to kiss you, kiss you every day, so I only realized the couple together as well as the flowers stand together through storm and stress, the taste of. Dear, I love you!    不知道为什么我总感觉日子有点乏味,平平淡淡缺乏热情和活力,工作的忙乱和日子的琐碎使我们疲于应对,那些美好温馨的画面只是储存在我记忆的空间,亲爱的,我们有多久没有热情相拥,又有多久没有深情热吻?老夫老妻也不应成为远离浪漫和温馨的理由,亲爱的,我想就去吻你!深深的一个吻,这么我才真正感受到我们日子才有意义。亲爱的,我想吻你,每天吻你,只有这么我才体会夫妻融为一体风雨同舟,幸福像花儿一样的滋味。亲爱的,我爱你!