Happy Birthday-lainka作品

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Is very fresh, very campus, very literary, but also very warm and very beautiful.

This is a recently discovered a photographer named lainka, the Chinese named Lei Jia. Looks like is a novel devoted to the literary magazines to the distribution map.

In fact, I feel that perhaps the blood of every girl on campus which have such feelings exist, such as a very gentle boy or a very sweet love, etc. But personally my favorite is her grasp for the light, is very accurate.

The first time I saw her chart, gave me the impression that the campus is a very comic feel, but it is clean and beautiful = v =, reading would be ashamed to touch slightly, like a cotton candy like the combination of songs.

The picture's style, then ... ... is still very fresh, but relatively speaking, are more identical, and because of the general class of literary magazines will be the type of style.

Here is a group of her fashion photography, you can see a different style. Are relatively mature, relatively urban, relatively Pioneer and sexy some