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Recently I found my faithless, no one fell in love with that man on the drugs, he looks cool, man white special spirit, when I first met him I knew I had been away from this life is not He opened, I was so fascinated by him, and I was so uncontrollable love him on the drugs, I like holding him to sleep, I like to gently kiss him, and I liked him right me laugh, I like him to buy clothes , I like to take care of him, and I like him too much, even though he has been hated it burning hot lips I used to kiss him, but I really love you kiss him, his skin is so smooth, and sometimes want to kiss the side of the body, but he did not like me to do so may be my perception of people to do so too sticky bar



In my mind of my darling Baby I'm sorry I want to kiss you, although you have been annoying me, and even kind of looked at me helplessly, but I still want to tell you I want to kiss you, because I want all of the love of gathering In the lips to give you