日媒曝AV人气榜 上原亚衣夺冠波多野结衣第五

2017年04月01日 波多野结衣 暂无评论 阅读 31 次

According to Taiwan media reports, the popular Japanese AV actress "Diablo Zhiling" our Saturday (22 days) will launch the first nude photo in Japan, many fans have been eager for a fight to panic buying. Debut 6 years, she was a good popularity in the AV community, recently in the personal website PO out and another in Taiwan is also quite well-known Uehara Ai since taking pictures.
However, no matter how good the sisters hit the cruel market competition, but also put aside the friendship! According to the Japanese entertainment video network DMM statistics in the first half of the popularity of the AV actress list, only ranked fifth, losing the championship to get a good sister, Uehara Ai.
The top 10 in the list, all of them are strong, like the JULIA and Misaki Sato Harukaki,, TSUBOMI and so on have visited Taiwan, fans like.据台湾媒体报道,日本人气AV女优“暗黑志玲”波多野结衣本周六(22日)将在日本推出首本全裸写真集,许多粉丝已摩拳擦掌准备抢购。出道6年的她在AV界人缘不错,近来就在个人网站PO出和另一位在台也颇有知名度的上原亚衣自拍照。